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Sorry, not on Lightfighter?

Ya, as with any system (or martial art for that matter) it's always best to find out what techniques work for you, what is natural and can be implimented with reaction, and adopt them into your 'Bag of Tricks'. Not every technique in a system is good for everyone, so it's up to the individual to soak up everything he can and make use of what suits him/her best in the time of need. You develop your own personal style that way, and makes what you do natural.

Ya, I noticed the exposure presented in his blade stance, presenting the ballistic chest plate away from the threat. Looks to me that if a hit is gonna take place dead on, the supporting arm with take the hit and help offer a bit of protection for the underarm area. Notice the arm is tucked close to the ribs, much like a boxer does to protect them? I think part of the benefit is reduced target area, and if a hit were to occur off center on the chest, the trauma would be less as it'd be a glancing blow instead of a full frontal shot.

Overall with CAR, I'm fasciated mostly with the system and dealing with left & right equally, the recoil absorbing 'center axis' techniques and the methods of dealing with strong side hand and opposite side strong eye useage. I tend to hold my pistol close to my body and laterally a fair bit, but use the right hand and right eye to place the front sight on my target and double tap. I've loosely tried right hand/left eye and it just doesn't do much for me. BUT, I'll be working on left hand/right eye to see how it works for me. Gotta get my left hand trigger finger up to speed to knock of rapid fast double taps. Hey, winter is coming and I gotta do something airsoft related, right?
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