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Originally Posted by Wiretaps
Hmmm, it all seems to come together now. Makes sense. I can see how you would need to be prepared in certain situations to use the other side in the Police Force or Military. I always knew of this but I think I'm going to start practicing more of these combinations of shooting.
Exactly! Think about CQB or room clearing, the less of your body you expose the less of a target you become. If you can shoot from the exposed side around a doorway, you will be able to hit the other guy and give him less of a target. Approach door jam so it blocks your right side, switch to left and put only gun and eye around the jam to acquire target and fire. Keeps your entire body behind the wall. Plant your non-shooting side foot at the base of that wall as a body reference point, then pop around the corner, acquire target, knock off a couple rounds then back off. Works most of the time, and chances of getting hit are slim. Great stuff this technique thing!
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