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Originally Posted by Lapdance
I shoot with both eyes open and I never use my aim point. I have used my gun enough that I rarely need to actually aim, I just point and shoot and can get the BB's where I need them to go. No I am not trying to sound like a super star, it's just the way I shoot. Once in a while I do a single shot to see how my gun is reacting and then I am good to go.
You use the tracer "walk onto target" technique. Instinctive shooting is a skill many have, but far more wish they had. I'm pretty good with it as well, but I'm no Jesse James, so I aim for whatever part of the body is best for my BBs to hit. If it's just a head 80-100ft away, oh well, nature of the game. Just sucks when the guy turns into an idiot and shits on you for his exposing his head.
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