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If you guys want a parts list, here you go. I think all of the parts can be found between dollarama and CT (or other hardware store).

1 Aluminum Hollow Broomstick (Cylinder)
2 Vinyl leg tips (Endcaps)
1 Cushioned nail-on glide (Spike)
2 Small nails (Safety pins)
1 Larger nail (Trigger pin)
15 Fishing line (Tripline)
1 Spring (.Spring)
1 Faucet Robinet (Barrel)

Add tax and total is roughly 5 bucks. And if you want a cross sectional drawing (it was done quickly, but hey, you get what youre given) here you go too. Go nuts.

As for a video of shooting out bbs, I can try to get one, but itll be very hard to do, as you really wont be able to see the bbs. If you want an idea of the force, it can travel roughly 50 feet tops (being fired horizontally from shoulder height. I actually made a gun-rig so I could shoot it at stuff if I wanted), has a very large spread, puts a huge dent in pop cans but is definitely unable to penetrate one, which I think is pretty good since you dont want a 22 bbs hitting your ankle or face or whatever at 400 fps. Enough to know you're hit, not enough to injure.

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