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Originally Posted by Skruface
JRacing, there are few building in Canada that are over 100 yrs old that are open to the public and aren't historically protected. Over here we have a habit of tearing down anything that's not in use and building something new on top of it. In that manner, we are quite different from Europe.

Most of the construction in the whole country occurred immediately after WW1 + WW2, so most buildings are relatively modern, and still occupied. We've never had a "war" in our own country in the modern era, so we have no damaged buildings or bunkers like someplaces in Europe.

Also, our laws around airsoft and replica firearms are very vague, and since our current "nanny-state" government has the policy of confiscating or banning just about anything that they don't understand, we have to be very careful.

Oh, and don't wory about your English, it's fine. You write more coherently than half the membership of this discussion board who claim English as their native tongue.
I think that if here we don't tear down abandoned factorys or something like that, it's because tearing down costs money... In the case of the abandoned factory I have shown you, it's far from populated zones, so it doesn't disturb people.

I see that your airsoft situation is similar to ours. We have to be careful too.

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