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Originally Posted by Bob the Angry Potato
Sorry, I'll try harder.
A person came here yesterday and started yelling at us, because myself and 2 other people insulted the way he talked, because he put capital letters before every word.
He threatened that he would buy Airsoft guns and shoot random people, so Airsoft would be banned here and made illegal to buy and own.

Using BabelFish:
Apesadumbrado, intentaré más difícilmente. Una persona vino aquí ayer y comenzó a gritar en nosotros, porque mismo y 2 otras personas insultó la manera que él habló, porque él puso mayúsculas antes de cada palabra. Él amenazó que él compraría los armas de Airsoft y tiraría a la gente al azar, así que Airsoft sería prohibido aquí y hecho ilegal comprar y poseer.

To the guy who posted that (if you’re reading this), you didn’t think that through.
You’d have spent half your life savings, possibly more, hiring the lawyers and court costs, and you’d still get a criminal record. You’d have spent many thousands of dollars just trying to piss of thousands of people nationwide, and put retailers out of business. There’d be thousands of people around you who’d hate your guts, and when you apply for a job, you’d have to state what you were charged for.
Imagine going to work in a bank,
Interviewer: Do you have any previous criminal record?
You: Yeah, I got busted once for replica weapons and assault…
Interviewer: NEXT!
Besides, you’re more then likely to get shot, and even if not, you may hit them in the eye and RUIN THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.
Think it through next time.

Now I have understood you very well! Thanks for the effort!

Don't use babelfish or other translators of that kind... You type "white", and the translator translates "black". When I write here I always consult, a good online dictionary.

Coming back to the infamous thread you comment, I think that the guy was an immature 10 years old boy with no clear ideas in his brain...
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