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Originally Posted by Whozat
Being as it is only the buyer that needs "protection" (the seller would have received payment before sending anything), any additional costs (ie. shipping) should be placed on buyers shoulders.
As far as selling to newbs, I can't see the risk. They send their money first, how can you get ripped off?
With regard to building trader rating, I've had more that the one transaction, but if the person your dealing with is too lazy to give you feedback, what are you supposed to do?

But what if a newb is looking to sell something. Are you gonna send $X dollar to him before he ships out? Wouldn't you feel safer if the product was shipped to the middle man, you sent your money to him, and once he got everything he sends it their respective ways.

And then theirs the Green Igor case. He was selling, people sent their money, and nothing came. So their's risk for both sides.
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