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Originally Posted by cratedriver
Hey Guys,

After seeing this today, I thought I'd spend some time on formulating a "trip mine" that everyone can build for just a few dollars. I've built the first one tonight to figure out what needs to be modified. Tommorow i'll perform some revisions and post the results. Once completed I will include a parts list, how to build it, where to get the parts and for how much. So far on the first try the mine is working pretty well. Anyhow, check out the video. It was dark before I could test it. The film is displayed at full speed / 50% / 10%. This is a really easy (and safe) build. :salute:

TRIP MINE 8.7mb Quicktime
That's cool and all and I'm sure that's not how you're gonna set it up in a game... but I don't like the way it doesn't stay where you put it... It almost looks like it would hurt if it flew up and hit you.

I had some time at work today and went through alot of stuff that I could build one out off and have a few ideas... I think I found the perfect spring too... I think I can build a fully operational mine that can be easily be reloaded on the field for less than $25 after tax on all the parts. It'll take some minor modifcations to a couple parts and would be completely safe. I'm going into work tomorrow morning on my day off so that I can actually put it together... I've already got some jigs made too if I want to mass produce them... And I've got it set up so that I can change it from powder to bb's very easily... just need to work out how to fire the bb's effectively. Once I get it together tomorrow I'll take some pics and post em.
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