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I’ve been trying to tell people “you don’t need much force to set it off” but I guess the video looks deceiving. So here’s some new footage, walking through at a very slow pace I actually did this with the same mine 4 times in a row, two times at a normal pace (once the video didn’t record), twice at a slow pace (once without powder because it was getting really dusty, but I filmed one with powder also anyway) just to prove it trips easily and is reliable.

Here’s a slow walk. Again, if you don’t have the proper plugin you may have to right click and “save target as”.

There is very, very little resistance walking by, and if you were being shot at/not paying attention, or walking through a small bit of brush outdoors, BAM, you’d be toast. The mine is just sandwiched (but not actually held) by a vice so it doesn’t fall over and the other end of the wire is attached to a heavy box (please rest assured, I AM tripping the mine myself, there’s nobody off to the side yanking it). You can use obstacles, rope, tape, nails, or a combination of the above to secure a mine. For outdoors it can be as simple as digging a hole 3 inches deep with a knife to cover the bottom half of the mine.

To those who wish to see outdoor footage you’ll probably have to wait until the weekend since during the week I get home when it’s already dark. I'll get the other normal paced walking one up soon, though it's not much different. I have to go dust baby powder out of my house now…

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