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Originally Posted by VipaMave
I've seen this 'middle-man' system in action before on other forums. Instead of the seller scamming the person, the middle-man does it.

Even if the 'middle-man' had plenty of good feedback, whats to stop them from accepting a bunch of jobs and stealing everything?

ie. Person X wants to quit airsoft. Person X tries to steal everything they can, sells it and makes $

I completely understand your worries, but remember, this isn't like every other forum. Generaly most people's home addresses are known to at least one other person on this board, so running would be very hard.

AND, the Middle men would be either A) Community Selected individuals who are seen as responsible, or B) A person BOTH parties agree too.

EDIT: To elaborate on my point.

Buyer wants something from Seller. Seller see's that Buyer has a no trader rating at all, and doesn't feel comfortable doing a one to one transaction, so Seller consults a middle man list.

The Middle Man list consists of people that have volunteered to be Middle Men, and have also been vouched for en masse by the community. This would provide (hopefully) a relatively sizable list of people to choose from to work as the inbetween for the deal. BUT say that no one on the list catches the Seller and Buyers eye (as both would have to agree on the person), they can both decide on someone else.

Not just anyone can pop up and be the middle man in a random transaction, some credentials would be required.
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