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Last thing I want is for this to be seen as a mandatory measure, because honestly, with the volumne of sales that go on on these boards, no one could handle the traffic going through their house.

The middle man is just a set up for people that feel uneasy about the other party to add a level of security to the transaction. It could be for a 3500$ m249, or a 5$ pair of gloves.

All I'm really asking for is too help set up some sort of list of respectable players who would be willing to act a middle man on transactions. This way new players can go to them knowing that they have the backing of the community.

Yes, of course there's always the risk that the Middle man might up and leave with everything, but when a list is present this makes it a lot easier to stop.

The only other point I would add is a full disclouser agreement. Meaning that if, say, an AEG where being shipped with a bunch of Accesories. The Seller of the item gives permission for the middle man to look through the package upon arival to ensure everything is accounted for and then procedes from there.

EDIT: @ Nuck, I can see your concerns, but a system like this would make it a lot easier for people to feel more security regarding transactions with unproved, or suspicious individuals.

Say your selling your M60 @~2000 and the only hit you ever get is from a New Guy with a couple posts and no trader rating, you personaly may wait for someone else to come along, but if a system like this was set up I'd feel a lot safer going through with the deal knowing that a respected member of the community is holding onto the unit for me waiting on deleivery of funds.
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