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ive known the guy for a while. he slept over at my place once and i slept over at his place 2-3 times last year. i can say about him that he is a fair guy, and surely doesn't intend to steal anyone's money. true, i also havent seen him online for...months i guess... can't even remember. i've heard just recently that he took a break from airsoft. he had some personal issues i shouldn't discuss here (so i won't), which took over other activities he was involved with, airsoft included. what im trying to say is that i do understand your point lazedout, and am with you on this. u have every right to keep messaging, trying to get in touch, and i encourage it, but im just trying to ease your worry. sooner or later you will get your money from him.
i hope it all ends good for you.
meanwhile ill try to get in touch with him too if i can to remind him of this.
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