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The Middle Man

With a string of recent Flakes on big transactions, I've been thinking.

What if a voluntary Middle Man system was set up? Here Me out;

When someone puts something up for sale, or wants to buy something, than can decide to go through a middle man. This means that the goods and the payment are both sent to a "middle" man. Once items from both sides are recieved, the middle man complete's the transaction and sends everything on its way.

So as not to confuse people, it can be a completely voluntary process. Wanna buy something, but seller doesn't have enough, or a bad trader rating, ask to go the middle man route. Same thing with selling, buyer has little or a bad trader rating, say selling only on condition of middle man.

And so as too make sure no one runs off with everyones stuff, trusted and respected memebrs of the forums could step up and offer their services for a very small fee.

Yes, it may sound like adding another unneccassary step, but seeing as it would be completely voluntary, their would be no real issue with being forced to go that route.

And as for setting up middle men, all its really needed is a person both parties can agree on, though I think it would be easier if a list was made so that New people could see who is trusted by the community.

This would also work for people who are new or have bad ratings to build up their ratings so as to become more trusted. And it would also greatly protect against scamming as nothing would really be "lost" until everything was properly accounted for by the middle man.

Just take the huge fiasco with Green Igor. If a middle man had been used, everyone would easily be able to get their stuff back at any time. Money can Easily be wired, or transfered back, and goods can just as easily be resent.

Just some food for thought.

EDIT: Could a mod possibly add a poll to this, so as to get a better grasp of peoples views?
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