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Originally Posted by yanhchan
I was reading a book called Warrior Spirit written by an Ex Navy Seal and he said that he was trained to use one eye to aim while the other eye is used to actively search for potential targets
Lol, that's funny. What he meant was he left his none sighting eye picked up on movement (human, and other species, eye picks up things in this order 1st/ Movement, 2nd/ Contrast, 3rd/ Colour.......... meaning that he left his eye open and would alternate between what was seen through the scope and what was seen outside the scope. He has what I have, the ability to shut off one eye and allow most of the info from the eye you choose to look. The way you describe it is like he has a wandering eye, which would freak anyone out to see. Lol

Glad to see I posted an interesting topic/poll. Here are the results as I type this, and is very interesting (just wish I knew how was attached to what vote though.)

View Poll Results: What kind of shooter are you?
Monocular (Use one eye when aiming, the other closed) 24 23.08%
Binocular (Use both eyes open when aiming) 38 36.54%
Right handed dominant, right eye dominant 56 53.85%
Right eye dominant, left hand dominant 6 5.77%
Left hand dominant, left eye dominant 8 7.69%
Left hand dominant, right eye dominant 1 0.96%
Relatively ambideterous (either fully both side or 100% on one side and 50% the other 18 17.31%

I just edited it for my mistakes IN the questions I asked, nothing more. Thanks for making this a decent discussion guys, it's VERY informative!
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