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Originally Posted by -MikeL-
When patrolling in the woods or doing FIBUA, I generally look just over the sights, or through the sight(red dot) with both eyes open an shoot that way for targets that "pop up". But if I have time, (ie target in the distance), than I look through the sight with the right eye, left eye closed.

Dunno if I explained that well, but, you can figure it out, I hope.

I'm right handed.
Makes sense to me. I used to have my left eye closed, but when i started dealing with scopes, I found it to be more effort and strain to keep my left eye closed than to let it remain open. It actually becomes more of a metal thing, allow your brain to naturally reduce the info from your non-aiming eye to about 10% (or "off") and relax better. I can shoot at 30ft in my basement with the scope set on 9x with no issues as equally as 3x to 9x when aiming at any greater distance.
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