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Originally Posted by gandar
Left handed glory.

I have better than 20/20 vision, but my left eye is still stronger, and I'm very dominantly left handed, it makes for a weird experience when shooting a bow.
Tell me about it! I do the right side dominant thing, but hockey stick and baseball bat on the left side. Archery I hold the bow with my left hand and sight with my right eye, but a slingshot I hold with my right hand and sight with my right eye. Total oddball I am. Golf, well, I'm not much of a golfer, but I can fully use either left or right clubs with equal............ lack of skill. Both feel equally wierd to me, can't decide what I'd buy if I got into it.

Originally Posted by Arnisador
CAR eh? Some interesting concepts there re: instinctive shooting and body mechanics.

I'm right hand, right eye. For airsoft, I tend to use both eyes open for pistol and rifle. For real steel though, I find that I shoot one eye closed for rifle, but still do both eyes open with pistol.
Ya, no kidding, especially when you read the artiles that have been put out about it, especially the facts and articles Paul Castle himself has written. Basicaslly, aside from holding the gun close to your body to increase shot speed and reduce felt recoil, if you are right handed and left eye dominant, you hold the pistol in the right hand, cant it at an angle and use your left eye to use the front sight, held at the same distance you read at. I'll dig around for the article I have read and re-read, it's really fascinating!

If you want to see Paul Castle's video clips of CAR in action, go here: main page, go to the video section, then check out the Training & Tactics folder.
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