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Originally Posted by FUCKYOUASC
Originally Posted by Freedom Fighter
Originally Posted by Puzzle
You my friend, got PWNd
Congrats! You just received a two (2) point warning. Three (3) more points and your automatically banned by our warning system.

I'm going to be issuing warnings to people for this type of nonsense and when you hit a total of five (5) points and the system locks you out, don't come crying to me or any of the other mods. Sure, I can't catch all these stupid types of posts but if I do, you get a two (2) point warning for trolling - end of story, I don't care who you are.

So you my friend, got PWNd.
You Are aqn asshole, hope you burn in Fuckin HELL you peice of shit, BAN THIS ACCOUT I DARE YOU YOU FUCKING GAY ASS

you give someone a 2 point warning and then do the samething you warned him about, its this kind of gayass behavior that wreacks this forum (by the way this isnt my IP so ban me or whatever)
....Wow. I can't believe you actually created an account just to say that. At least you've got determination and tenacity... if nothing else.
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