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First off nice work, I myself have been trying to figure out "tripmine" Ideas.
I have a request! Can you take some sort tape and put it onto a tree or some open space so I myself and maybe others can see the mine work not just the smoke?

Im for this dont get me wrong when I mention this.

Im a tad concerned about the Nails, Pressure+Nail= projectiles. How does your mine work with the nails im not sure if they are just "pins" is there a way you can use small screws instead or possibly apoxy one end and figure something out for the other? Wooden dowel?

Besides that bud, get me photos of what the product looks like after it has gone off and a video showing it going off that the product is visible and I will more than likely buy one or two even.

Again Good Work, But you may have competition out there!! :P
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