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I'm sorry about my delaying to reply with more photos...

Here you are:

Two members of my team. They are a very well equipped players. They waste all his salaries in airsoft. Not all the spanish airsofters waste all his salaries. Not all are as well equipped as them. And there is more well equipped players too.

In a tunnel in a abandoned factory.

This is me.

Some photos about the abandoned factory...

"Doing the donkey" on the highway after a day in the abandoned factory.

A shoot test included in the "saturday airsoft fever", an airsoft day event organized by ALFA airsoft club.

Members of a good team called "Panzer Korps".

The fraternity lunch in "saturday airsoft fever".

QAO, a member of Alfa airsoft club, like a lizard.

I hope you like these photos. Don't doubt to ask me about anything about these photos.

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