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lol...everyone hates our generation (people aged 10 to 17 right now). I agree that probably 60% of us fit in this whole mischevious stereotype.

Don't you al realize the gov't's ultimite goal is to ban everything from firearms, air guns, air soft, items for self defence (pepper spray, taser type stuff,, etc (which is already banned, i would hate to be the law abiding citizen who runs into a bear on a camping trip)), bladed objects (yes, kitchen knives with points). The key is to not give in easily.

The problem, with gun control, is it only restricts the law abiding citizens. Think the gang members are going to march into SIR and buy a registered bolt action??? of course not, they're going to aquire their guns from illegal shipments coming from outside Canada. It's time to realize law abiding citizens arent the problem. The $998 million, and counting should have/should be used in hospitals, or legions, or something benifiting law abiding citizens.
I am under 18, and I am trusted with a real gun, but not an airsoft gun :wink:

Making up federal laws is the Federal Government's job
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