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IMO Canadian Tire should not be selling ANYTHING to do with firearms whether it be paintball, airsoft, or the real thing.

Recently in TO, there was a bunch of breakins where ONLY guns were targeted. THEN the cops are wondering "How did these people know exactly which houses to hit for guns?" Well It's not very hard to understand.
Walk into crappy tire and buy a box of 12 Guage shells. What does the 15 year old kid getting them for you ask for? Your name, address, and firearms license. Let me tell you, I have not ONCE given them my address. Wanna know why? Cause that 15 year old kid takes down your address. "Well this guy is buying ammo, he must have guns!" He automatically knows which houses have guns in them. I have not once given Canadian Tire my info.

I am 17 years old, I have my hunting license and my firearms license. I recently walked into Canadian Tire and bought a box of .308 cartridges and a box of .30-.06. I get them NO PROBLEM. I also ask to buy one of those 1000 count things of their cheap ass airsoft bb's to shoot through my springer pistol for shits and giggles (I know, no comments needed on the canadian tire bb's) and guess what? They wouldnt sell me the bb's. I walked out of the store with my .308 and .30-.06 cartridges, but they would be damned if they sold me pieces of plastic!
Canaidan Tire needs to smarten up. Stop selling ammunition. Don't complain that you wont be able to buy ammo for your guns if they didn't sell it. There is no shortage of gun shops around for you to buy whatever you needed.

He said that unlike some pellet and paint ball guns, the soft air guns do not use an air cartridge to launch ammunition. However, the models that have been removed are capable of firing plastic pellets at a rate of 230 feet per second.

OH NOEZ! THEY DONT USE AIR TO SHOOT THE BB! Like that has something do do with anything? WTF is the difference? People are VERY lucky people do drive-by's with canaidian tire paintball and airsoft stuff.

Imagine if people shot up their neighbour hoods with high powerd AEG's? Imagine if people did drive-by paintballings with instead of the canadian tire guns that shoot 2 BPS max, used a high end Timmy or Matrix that puts out 20+bps?

If canadian tire stopped selling their paintball/airsoft guns, the shootings would instantly stop. Because you know damn right a bunch of kids aernt going to drop $1000 + on a high end paintball gun to go shoot people from their cars.

[/end rant]
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