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Airsoft is much like real world in that both arena's are having difficulty "controlling" what we'll call "illegal" gun distribution and use. The problem isn't the age of the user, it's the intent of the user. My son is 10 years old. He has been taught the "responsible" manner in which to safely use his airsoft/paintball guns and he does quite well.

The problem is these irresponsible, unthinking youth who think it is hilarious to point a weapon, whether it be clear or an exact replica, at someone. Along the same lines as the kids who think drinking beer all night at a party and then hoping on the ATV for a quick boot around the forest is a brilliant idea. Now the province of B.C. wants to tighten the control on ATV users basically fucking the responsible users.

The government can simply make something illegal, or highly controlled if they choose, to halt this issue. There is not much we can do, other than be responsible ourselves and hope things don't go stupid. And if you see a kid being an idiot, poke'm in the eye!
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