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LOL, great so town counsel is suppost to know the difference if they compare. All I know is gun control doesn't work, I gave up my FAC and real steel 7 years ago. Everyone I knew that sold legal guns is dead, retired or bankrupt. I tried to become a gunsmith in the 90s and I had no options and now the OPP can't find one for a job opening lol.

Airsoft has been my only firearms pleasure and no one dies with airsoft unless your stupid enough to pull it on a cop and I hope you get the just penalty for that action. I am a true believer in maximum jailtime for use of firearms to commit crime including shooting at people on the streets. Regardless of age. Hell I know 80s that still drive cars that are a death waiting to happen.

As for Durham region, well I stay out of local politics as I already work for the local politicians in my area. The sale of softair for all our complaining is doing more good overall to promote our sport in a positive light through the legitimate sale in big box retails. It promotes communication tothe public that this is a accepted sport. It works for paintball it can quietly work for us too.

There will always be those fools who claim bravado and shoot at innocent people. I hope they get the maximum punishment for there senseless crimes.

Cheers and this is one to watch

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