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Stupid kids around these parts have brought these "soft-air" guns to school!
The idiots think they won't get in trouble if they do it on the last day of school...hell, they shoot them at cars and other kids. These are the people that shouldn't be allowed to own a softair gun or any kind of gun if they are going to be irrisponsible (sp?) with them.

And as said above, Canadian Tire sells these guns to anyone. Most kids these days are 6 feet tall and have beards (jk) but CT seems to just want your money and doesn't care if someone is 13 or 18.
These rules should be enforced...and when they are, irresponsible parents buy their kids these guns, thinking that their kids are very responsible and would never do anything bad or illegal. BS.

Luckily the dimwit that brought that soft-air gun to my highschool had one of the clear ones. Unluckily he wants to buy one of those black 1/1 scale crosman guns from the US...

How do we stop these people from getting ahold of these things?
A total ban on the guns in question, or 21 age minimum?

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