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Originally Posted by whisper_kill
I agree, that type of mentality is flawed. I mean, the guy who went to Vietnam and was "scared" when his son pulled a watergun on him? WTF. A licence to use a replica firearm? In my opinion, there should be a fucking licence to be able to drink liquor! (I don't mean your age of majority card of choice)...a friggin permit! Where does it all end? I sympathize with the police force having to discern a real from a fake. And in probably ALL cases they would treat it as real and loaded, which can only end in disaster.

Making all us responsible users take training and acquire a permit to use these guns responsibly won't solve the problem, because the people "causing the problems" are vandals, hoodlums and general dirt bags who either stole their soft-air/airsoft or found some other means to acquire them.

Keep your guns in cases kiddies! Be responsible. Don't look for trouble.

That being said why not move Airsoft under the Fire Arms Certificate act. that would be a cheap way to weed out the rotten eggs. sure people will have to take the what 2 weekend course which is a joke in itself. When i was in Aircadets i got my FAC when i was 14. sure i had to hold onto the papers till i was 18. Its really a joke and that the Canadian Gov' isnt really inforcing the FAC. but still. Would solve alot of problems in my opinion.

another thing is. why would abunch of youngsters (they were like 16) be doing with SOFTAIR guns. thot all stores are suppose to sell them to 18+ yr olds. should start cracking down on the burnout highschool drop outs who dont id kids. my 13 year old brother bought a softair gun from canadian tire no problem.
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