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Originally Posted by kymoz

Originally Posted by Blackthorne
I am still pretty new to this sport and I don't think I was EVER flamed. I read three posts of people getting nailed for not reading the faqs, so I read the faq.

I found almost everything I needed. And I was so terrified (LOL) of getting flamed, I researched what I didn't find on ASC elsewhere and did pretty well.
A week ago, we were 9600 users on ASC. Now we are 9730. 130 new users in one single week. We got about 7 newbie threads this week. So we can say that 5% of newbies don't read the FAQs. But this means too that 95% have read them, or at least, avoided to post, knowing what would have happened. This unfortunate (or lazy) 5% just needs to be told "Read the FAQs please", as Lokes pointed out:
Originally Posted by Lokes
If we can get enough of us to do the same, maybe they'll get the idea. Just need to resist... let Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V do all the work.
If 5 ASC members in a row just write "Read the FAQs please", nothing more, the noob will understand. Just let the thread alive for a day to let the noob read it and be aware that the FAQs exist and MUST be read unless no answer will be provided. Simple, no?
Sorry to refer to a six day old post. I agree with Lokes on the aspect of copy-paste, but the major problem with the new users (i'm still pretty clueless myself) is that they don't have the brain power to realize that what FAQ means. They are all used to being 'spoon-fed' at any other forum they join. How many times has a new user disappear (not like its a huge loss) or retailiate with their own insults. If they can't read that is their problem, not our job to solve it for them.

I feel Erik made a good point as well, being courteous will only provide a positive air towards airsoft. We were all new at some point. Hell... even when I first started I didn't read absolutley everything in FAQ, but I took some time to research airsoft as a sport before deciding if I was interested in playing.

Overall, it would be easier to do what Lokes suggested, since I know a few of you always have a finger on the "Flame the Newb" button on your keyboards

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