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Originally Posted by whisper_kill
I agree, that type of mentality is flawed. I mean, the guy who went to Vietnam and was "scared" when his son pulled a watergun on him? WTF. A licence to use a replica firearm? In my opinion, there should be a fucking licence to be able to drink liquor! (I don't mean your age of majority card of choice)...a friggin permit!
By logic where does this process end? People get hurt falling off of their roof.. they will need a roof walking permit, but wait.. some people get hurt falling off of ladder to get to their roof, therefor they should have a ladder climbing to roof permit. People hurt other people with knives, they should issue knife permits, people hurt each other with writing utensils, you should have a liscence to use a pen or pencil. People can act foolishly with waterguns and nerf weapons, we should sell soft-toy-launching liscence.

The point is, you cant liscence absoloutley everything that society uses or effects them to use poor conduct.

Thats kind of a creepy mentality.
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