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I agree, that type of mentality is flawed. I mean, the guy who went to Vietnam and was "scared" when his son pulled a watergun on him? WTF. A licence to use a replica firearm? In my opinion, there should be a fucking licence to be able to drink liquor! (I don't mean your age of majority card of choice)...a friggin permit! Where does it all end? I sympathize with the police force having to discern a real from a fake. And in probably ALL cases they would treat it as real and loaded, which can only end in disaster.

Making all us responsible users take training and acquire a permit to use these guns responsibly won't solve the problem, because the people "causing the problems" are vandals, hoodlums and general dirt bags who either stole their soft-air/airsoft or found some other means to acquire them.

Keep your guns in cases kiddies! Be responsible. Don't look for trouble.
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