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oh yeah he had all the proper paper work, but once a seizure is enforced, it has to go to the minister for appeal, the agent just can't say "sorry, i goofed. let me just correct that for you." they are supposed to "render a decision with due haste" as the cbsa regulations require, but what does that mean. a week. a month. a year. this is a bit off-topic though.

as this thread is supposed to be about the utg mp5, let me just say that i got to play around with one a bit the other day. not a bad copy of a tm except for the plastic front sight and orange plastic barrel tip. the hop-up is plastic as well, but functioned over quite a wide range. it seems to me to be a good value considering you get the gun, battery, charger and 2 highcap mags. good for a beginner to start then move up to a better gun when you get some experience. besides, who'd want a bunch of new guys with "buck fever" using 400fps guns anyway? that's just asking for trouble.
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