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Originally Posted by comradepaintball
Got the g36K today !! Excellent condition in and out. It was a actuall smooth transaction... It was mailed when he said it mailed and was shipped express with everything that was supposed to be there.... Actually excellent transaction...
Glad it worked out for comradepaintball, but as someone observing from the sidelines i have to say that REALLY reflects poorly (to put it mildly) on the deals he/she is conducting with the 2-3 other ppl who've been waiting for word for weeks.

As a bystander I can't help but feel disturbed by this, as it seems the whole Feedback system has been undermined (is it me, or are we seeing more and more of these "he only had positive feedback up til now" and then people piping up about problems after the fact?)

Like Freedom Fighter said, people need to stop being so damn nice and start treating this for what they are: business transactions. Unless you wind up in the hospital (or something along those lines), there's just no excuse to not handle transactions, or at the very least inform people about what's going on. I can understand a day or two delay, it happens. But weeks? That's totally unacceptable. That's negative feedback, or at least a neutral if you wanna be nice. But you've gotta warn others about that shit.
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