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this is an exact copy of the letter I sent to him tonite:

Hey whats up . I was reading on airsoftcanada and I found out some disturbing with your trading habits ... many people have started a post about you not sending the items what they paid for... I would like a tracking number right away. If I do not recieve one by tommorow . I will be contacting your local police detatchment and informing them of our transaction gone wrong. I am giving you the benifit of the doubt that you sent it and am willing to wait till tommorow before I contact them.... By the way my father is sgt. in the RCMP in cranbrook here and he has no problem in helping me have a quick resolution to this problem. I have kept all the email transactions. plus your phone number and adress and will be giving that information to the proper authorities.. If you don't have this airsoft rifle PLease inform me and send back my angel A4fly to my adress. I will make sure that an officer will call you tommorow night or the following day with a knock on your door. Its up to you. I will not be ripped off.. So the decision is yours.. Thanks Burton Y
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