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Interesting things you ask. I'll try to explain me as well as I can.
For who talk in spanish, I will reply in spanish, but moreover, I'll translate it too,for the rest.

I don't understand all you said. I understand that you ask about if it rains in Spain so often.
It depends on the geographic zone. It tends to rain more in the north of Spain, just the opposite in the south. Here, in barcelona doesn't rain to much, and when it rains, we don't stop playing airsoft, it's realistic! By chance, this year in Catalonia/Barcelona have a severe problem of drought.

To Bandit:
Exceptuando los tipicos errores de conjugación (Es más dificil que el inglés), te entiendo perfectamente. Estoy seguro de que mi inglés es similar a tu español PD: Si quieres practicar español conmigo no hay ningún problema.

Translation: Excepting the typical mistakes of conjugation (Spanish is more difficult than english), I understand you perfectly. I'm sure that my english is similar to your spanish

To Egria:
Explain me your regulations about airsoft please, I don't know them and i'm very interested to know them.
I'll explain our "regulations" in this same message.
What's the meaning of "ponders" please?

To Zanzibarbarian:
Es facil coger armas allá?
Si te refieres a AEG's, es muy fácil, solo hace falta comprarlas. Si te refieres a armas de fuego, lo explicaré en mi próximo mensaje, porque es largo y dificil de explicar, y quiero explicarlo bien.

Translation: "It's easy to get weapons there (Spain)?"If you refers to AEG's, it's so easy, you only need to buy it. if you refers to firearms, I will explain it in my next message, because it's too long and difficult to explain and I want to explain it well.

Common petitions of photos of spanish airsoft and to explaining the spanish regulations:

Is known by all, that Spain is an underdeveloped country in Europe. Is the "tail" of Europe, a third world country.
All works bad here, but I will explain the situation of airsoft. However, it shows like the things work in Spain.
There is a regulations of weapons in Spain. Firearms like handguns are very difficult to get. But with and easy-to-get license of hunting, you can get a shotgun for example or a semiautomatic rifle. There are prohibited the military calibers, like .223 (5,56mm) for example. But it's legal to re-chamber to .222. And the magazines, I think that can't put more than 4-5 bullets. There is also a section that regulates arms like the air carbines, like all the GAMO carbines. This air carbines like gamo's, are very ease to get, you only need to be older than 16 years old, and you can buy it directly. And you know that this arms hurts much more than airsoft guns.
Well, there is no law that says nothing about airsoft guns. Legally don't exist, they aren't contemplated in any law, so they don't exist. So there isn't any regulation about airsoft. Airsoft in Spain is "ALEGAL". There is a legal empty about airsoft.
It's a probleme if police see you playing airsoft. In some cases, they take away all the aeg's, and it's too long to recover them. And sometimes, you show the aeg's to the police agents and they see that are non-letal toys and they go away.
Every agent interprets the law in his way. We are unprotected.
Some cases of "no airsofters" kids playing with cheap spring handguns buyed in "nomadic street shop" or in a fair have been published in sensacionalist press, making so very much damage to our fragile airsoft situation.
The sensacionalist press, in one of this cases, said that there were Basque terrorist youths training with a flag of basque country.
Really, there were youths playing airsoft, with a "U.S. confederation flag", playing "taking the flag" game.
Sensacionalist press is a pile of sensacionalist LIES.
For the majority of population, firearms are very bad seen, and moreover, they don't know what is airsoft. Sensacionalist press is very influential to majority of population.
For all this things, we tend to call the AEG's "airsoft replicas" in place of "arms" or "guns", to avoid hateful misunderstandings.

I hope that you understand what I explained here. Ask me about all you don't understand please

it's too late for the photos today... The time is 01:29 AM... I'm writing since one hour ago... Definetely, I have to improve my english!
Tomorrow I will post so many photos.
However, I will post now one photo, related to the problems that I have explained.

Good night!

Once, Guardia Civil, came to the abandoned factory where we was playing airsoft, but they only ask us if we have seen there a couple of escaped criminals (in the town where that factory are, there are a lot of neonazis). And the couple of Guardias Civiles, went away and let us follow playing.
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