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Originally Posted by made Man
Originally Posted by PTE. Pyle
i went to a house party last night dressed in my cadpat and a ghillie suit with my m4+m203 and usp. however everyone at the party knows me verry well. if your using your guns just make sure the environment your in is ok with it. and be ready to loose them if somone has a problem with them. better to put them away than have the cops called by somone who dosnt realise they are not real.
Where did he get intelligent lighthing and that disco ball? I want those for my parties
his older brother has spent several years colecting all the lighting, he was a manager at zellers and collected all that over about 5 or 6 years. the disco ball is nothing he decorates his bascment like a night club best partys i have ever been to have been there. plus like i said i know everyone that comes with the exception of a few new people so you can have alot more fun that a party where you dont know any one
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