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I can safely say, being a chairsofter at present due to my financial situation, that i've never been flamed on any issued pertaining to Airsoft in itself. I find that the most flames handed out revolve around political/ideological debates, which in themselves are kinda funny because the support of Airsoft is viewed as a right-wing supportation... when in fact, gun lovers, afficionados and the like come from all walks of life.

I'm really with Kemoz on his post regarding respect. I treat this as i've treated all women i've ever been romantically entangled with: Trust, Love, and Respect 120%, because in the end, if they didn't give it their all, at least you have the right to say YOU did.

If you do not trust freely, how can you expect it in return?
You may not like my opinion... there is a very simple solution to that: Close your eyes.

Left wing love for airsoft.

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