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Originally Posted by Egria
People are always paranoid. Most of the time it's a pain in the ass, but sometimes it can be a good thing.

I can't see paranoia and ignorance ever being a good thing. Much like our country's beloved firearm registry, it goes a long way to annoy the honest citizen and does bupkis to stop criminals (I may be wrong, I just don't get the feeling many gangbangers registered their Glocks, or Hell Angels registered thier Mac11s and sawed off 870s).

But the story does totally prove the point of the original post in this thread; the averge Joe Schmoe can't tell a clear plastic softair gun from a WMD.

People HAVE gotten uber paranoid about guns (no thanks to the media). When I was a kid trick or treating (70s, early 80s), I had reasonably realistic guns (ultra realistic compared to clear plastic CT shit) on a few occasions (cowboy - nice revolver that shot caps, bank robber - had a sweet plastic 1911A1). Heck in those days, we use to play cops and robers with cap guns on the street, it was NEVER an issue. So the times have changed dramatically (yeah. kids didnt bring guns to school back then, and you got into a world of trouble for swearing. Today every seems okay with 8 year old rapper wannabe kids saying 'fuck you' and 'nigger')
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