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Originally Posted by Lisa
Respect is earned, not freely handed out.
Personally, I do not operate like this. "EVERYONE" receives my respect untill they prove they are not worthy of respect. Therefore, "I" agree with half this quote. Yes respect is freely handed out, however you must earn the right to keep it.

Out of a year and a half on this board, there is only ONE person that doesn't have my respect here. However I have enough respect for the community as a whole, and I refuse to bash / call him out publicly. Maybe it's because I have the option to do this personally at local games?

Anyhow, this is the net, and people will always say shit here that they will NEVER say in person, therefore the problem will continue. I will fight the issue by continuing to respect everyone as if they were standing infront of me.

Originally Posted by Scarecrow
My only comment is if everybody worried about their own behaviour more than that of their neighbour, this place would be a lot better off...
Scarecrow hit the nail on the head.
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