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Originally Posted by demco11
OMG... today after the airsoft game down at Panther Paintball
reppin the 604 Vancouver.... uhh I went to the liqur store on the way back and there was a 20-24 year old male, wearing woodlands BDU's, black boots, grey t shirt...AND A F**KING DROPLEG HOLSTER WITH A BB GUN IN IT. I was about to call the police when I looked over and he showed the gun to an employee and it turned out to not be real, after leaving the cashier I tried to see where he went but couldent find him, was going to tell him its not smart to carry that around.
I think its best to leave those kinda people alone & let the police or anyone else for that matter, wipe them out.

Do the world a small favour. Forget issueing common sense, just issue death.
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