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Originally Posted by VipaMave
Swedish women are hot.
:? ... But I agree

Originally Posted by pokey
"3. Avoid personal attacks "

Although it is a good "guideline", It doesent state they arent alloud, just to avoid them.
So why is this only a guideline? Might be good to turn this into a rule.

Originally Posted by Blackthorne
I find it annoying to come to a forum and start asking questions without doing SOME research. It IS a bit disrespectful in it's own right.
Of course, you're totally right on this. But is it really necessary to insult for this? Solving disrespect by behaving with more disrepect?

Originally Posted by Blackthorne
I am still pretty new to this sport and I don't think I was EVER flamed. I read three posts of people getting nailed for not reading the faqs, so I read the faq.

I found almost everything I needed. And I was so terrified (LOL) of getting flamed, I researched what I didn't find on ASC elsewhere and did pretty well.
A week ago, we were 9600 users on ASC. Now we are 9730. 130 new users in one single week. We got about 7 newbie threads this week. So we can say that 5% of newbies don't read the FAQs. But this means too that 95% have read them, or at least, avoided to post, knowing what would have happened. This unfortunate (or lazy) 5% just needs to be told "Read the FAQs please", as Lokes pointed out:
Originally Posted by Lokes
If we can get enough of us to do the same, maybe they'll get the idea. Just need to resist... let Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V do all the work.
If 5 ASC members in a row just write "Read the FAQs please", nothing more, the noob will understand. Just let the thread alive for a day to let the noob read it and be aware that the FAQs exist and MUST be read unless no answer will be provided. Simple, no?

Originally Posted by Lisa
Respect is earned, not freely handed out.
Ok... so this means that unless you're a known Airsoft player, you can be given a truckload of shit from wannabes veterans?
I'd say: "Answers are earned, not freely handed out". It's common sense. If the guy has proven that he made his researches and still has a question, there will be no problem.

Originally Posted by cratedriver
Wow, Cratedriver, you now can be proud of having brought some really important arguments here.

Shugart, your Fellowship of the Mod made me laugh so much! :lol:

ssp21, Dirty Deeds, ditb, Lokes, Droc : Thank you.


Originally Posted by dron_jones
But i think the real question is: Who really gives a fuck?
Actually, I do, and I'm not alone.
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