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good points all round

newbies, there are enough people here that can answer question. And you get one newb post, and 10 replies of flame. noobs arnt the only problem, newb flamers are.
and fine, if your gonna be an ass, thats cool, but dont chairsoft and be an ass. If you have attitude, dont hide behind your screen. Dont say anything you wouldnt say to their face at a game....and if your not willing to goto a game, then dont say shit in the 1st place.
As most people here know, I tend to get into arguments with an individual here, and I do so, over and over. Why, because we have conflicting arguments. I hate arguing online, and as a result, offer the option of meeting and arguing face to face...Many people wont say the same shit to your face. Thats where the real man comes out. There are those who can talk shit online, but dont have the brass to say it to your face.

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