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Originally Posted by Yuxi
Originally Posted by firemachine69
It's quite easy to accept a few orders, accept a few more, and suddenly, you're back-logged for quite a few months.

Call them up, although, at this point, I'd expect it to be in the lines.
If they could not make the goods in time, then don't take the trade.

Groombug did not approach LINDD for gear, LINDD approached Groombug, get that straight, don't offer to trade shit you can not produce in good time or do not have.
My bad. Yea, shouldn't have approached Groombug with an offer for a trade in those circumstances.
Originally Posted by [DI]DeathSniper
Fucking bullshit. I just checked my flyers and I didn't get no 'Cluepons'. Assholes :rrr:
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