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Exclamation For any of you thinking of using airsoft guns in a Halloween costume...

... let me remind you that you may impress your friends, but enforcement officials may not like you too much.

We have a proud tradition of great costumes at my job, so I thought I'd go as a something in the lines of goth/zombie security officer. Nothing too outlandish, but I had my navy interceptor vest on me.

I also pondered what I should put in my holster.

Though I'm sure most people would have accepted the fact that it was Halloween (or in this case, almost Halloween) and wouldn't have raised an eyebrow, but I decided to play it smart and take a dollar store plastic gun repainted in a blazing red paint instead of siding a Glock.

That decision might have saved my life.

Late in the night I recieved a visit from a armored bank truck, and two armed security officers who came to refill the teller machine. They came in armed, more so than usual as one was weilding a shotgun in addition to his usual sidearm. They obviously didn't like what they saw in the store.

They seemed very cautious as you don't usually see a guy wearing nothing but black and armor behind a convenience store counter. I greeted them as usual but when I turned to greet another client they catched a glimpse of my holster.

I'm guessing that if they didn't saw the ugly red blob on my thigh, things could have gotten messy.

So please, don't forget that while it may be cool to walk around in full gear in public, some people may not be willing to take a chance when they see you.

Have a safe and fun Halloween!
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