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I placed an order with them to make me a custom 3 slot MP5 mag mag pouch early summer, and I was initially told it should be sent within two weeks, at which point I sent another e-mail to check on the day they quoted, was told another two weeks, then after those two weeks they said by the end of the week. Basically it took about 5-6 weeks for me to finally get it. The week before I got it, I got my bud Apoc to call Dave up (he knows him decently) and he was told they were just finishing up a large order of sniper drag bags for DND. Mentioned this to Dave via e-mail, that he should have told me about that and I would have gladly waited as their contract was for "our boys" and he thought he did. Anyways, e-mail is best I found to communicate with them, every time I e-mailed them I got a reply within hours. Be patient, and best of luck!
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