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As far as the noob thing's just a matter of what annoys you..

I find it annoying to come to a forum and start asking questions without doing SOME research. It IS a bit disrespectful in it's own right. I am still pretty new to this sport and I don't think I was EVER flamed. I read three posts of people getting nailed for not reading the faqs, so I read the faq.

I found almost everything I needed. And I was so terrified (LOL) of getting flamed, I researched what I didn't find on ASC elsewhere and did pretty well.

All remaining questions were answered, you guessed a game directly from players. ( If you are too lazy to go to a game and see for yourself, how motivated are you to contribute to the sport? )

In general, about 80% of the new people on this board who do this are, in my opinion, not suited to the sport, so from that perspective, flaming is kind of a filtering process. But I agree that sometimes it gets taken too far. (I have taken it too far once or twice really depends on what mood I am in when I am online, but, mea culpa)

On the other hand, if it pisses you off that much, just ignore it....Greylocks is always around to take care of them.. :-)
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