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Originally Posted by comradepaintball
I have all of thier info.... I just traded my A4fly for an upgraded g36K with some accesories.... and I am waiting to see if they send out my package. If they don't its fraud and I will be contacting the authorities... I have kept all my email transactions with them including adresses and phone numbers..So if anything goes wrong I will be covered. I talked to the husband on the phone before I sent it ou too...Hope everyone good luck getting their items.. Including me....... I have over $1600 invested in this transaction....

P.s. I read all of thier feedback no negatives.... So I went for it.......

I am new to this website so I didn't even know these problems existed with this person
Its nice to know that you have yourself covered... but what can those of us who dont have their email and phone numbers/address do. I am sure its more than just me in this situations where the Green_Igor has not delivered on the goods nor is replying via email.
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