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I really dont get why, if you ask a newb question on asc, you will get flamed. But when you go to our local fourms such as joc and the tac ops fourms, and ask the exact same question, you will get a polite reply. Here's an example from today.

Originally Posted by madmonk
Hi all,

New to airsoft in calgary here, Looking for some advice on how to get started, where to buy a gun , what gun to buy...

Not sure standards in the area, do i need a permit for a gun? I don't want to start with a beginner gun I think it ruins the first experience so im willing to shell for a good gun what do you guys suggest? also i have a pellet gun i got from canadian tire can i use the bbs in that? it's c02
Now if you ask me, this thread would be locked and trashed (well at least on asc) now take a look and see what people said.

Originally Posted by TinyGunner
are some nice local calgary places. um to answer the pellet gun. no. you have to use an airsoft gun lol, because the pellet gun shoots over our club fps limit.
as for starter guns. lots of people have m4's or mp5's both guns are awsome i would sugest the m4 because it is most versitile. or get a shotgun cause they are tight too.
Originally Posted by T-Bone
Welcome to the club! always nice to see new faces. Tiny's right, co2 usually shoots to hard for our clubs limit. But also all of our "airsoft" guns that you will find that those sites have a hop up system which gives the bb backspin making it really accurate... soft air and what not, does not have one. So I'd ditch that thing. You can rent guns to if you want to try one out before you buy. not a bad way of doing things

Originally Posted by Voodoo
As far as guns go they are all created equel. Its really a matter of what turns your crank. You can go with the Civic of guns and get an "M" or a MP5 series gun or you can go odd ball like me and get a bullpop (not sure how to spell that). Those are the Augs and others with the magazine behind the triger, you usualy get alot longer barel and a smaller body gun, i love my Aug more than anyother gun out there. Shotys are prity nice too, most shoot 3 bbs in a triangle formation and are hella arurate but have a slower rated of fire.

As you can see your choices are really open
Have fun and hope to see you soon in my sights
Originally Posted by ROGUE
for a beginner i would either go G36c, m4a1 or mp5. They are all basically same m4 can get barrel wobble and broken tabs but nice range and accuracy indoor and out and tons of accessories, mp5 is nice but plasticy if its TM its really light and sometimes double feed and what not, also low range and accuracy for out doors. The G36c is great for out door and in and a solid design with a nice weight, not to long for indoor but also just as great for outdoor also lots of mods for the gun you just gotta get used to the futuristic look of the newer Hechler and Koch guns.
If everyone made replys like that/or didnt reply at all we wouldent have a problem. Now I know i'v said some things to people before myself that might have not been the nicest things, so I'v decided If I dont have something nice to say, I wont say it.
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