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ATTN: User LINDDD/Tiger Tactical

I'm in quite a quandry. I've never had to call an ASC user out before, but I'm assuming my PMs to them have not gotten through or they simply have not been read and/or deleted.

The user in question is "LINDDD". We know he/them/her better as Tiger Tactical.

The transaction in question is a straight trade, gun for gear. My KSC Glock 17 for three custom Tiger Tactical gear items: a custom mag panel, a medical pouch, and an armour carrier.

The chronology of events is as follows:

07-08-05: LINDDD PMs me about a possible gear trade for my G17.

Details were agreed upon and info was exchanged.

07-12-05: I shipped my G17 via Xpresspost. The deal was that they would start making the gear as soon as they received it.

No communication was made from either side in the interim.

07-27-05: They reply to my PM earlier the same day asking if they've received it, and they have. At this point they quote me an ETA of two weeks.

No communication was made from either side in the interim.

08-31-05: I again PM for an ETA check. I am quoted the next day with "will be done soon".

That is the last communcation reply I have had.

10-19-05, 10-27-05: I PM them again for an ETA check. As of this posting they have not replied. A cross-check of PM times and their account "last online" time has proven that they were online to see all three 'New PM' windows. The PMs are still unread - that is, unconfirmed reading.

This is not meant to be a "OMG, I got screwed in a deal" post.

It's been almost four months since the deal began. I simply want to know what is going on at Tiger Tactical as my multiple PM attempts to communicate with them have failed.
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