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i do agree with you that there are more members behaving like little kids and acting out. there really is no way to stop these kind of members, unless the moderators step in. one thing i really hate to see is a new airsoft player, who may not be familiar with using forums post a quote, "newbie" question and get called nasty names and made fun of. while i am not a very experienced player, i feel the when you slam a new player interested in the game for asking questions, you are only encouraging a lack of growth of our sport. in the interior of BC, we need new players to help this sport grow and become publicaly accepted. i am trying to start a kamloops club and its an uphill battle and when i see people flaming newbie players i am not impressed. yes, it is annoying when a newbie doesnt read the FAQ and user guides, but its up to all of us to try to help them out and get them the info they need. on the main topic, it is very poor form to spew out a stream of curse words and to be disrespectful to other member, that kind of stuff makes us all look bad.
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