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Originally Posted by Goldman
Originally Posted by Boneman
Originally Posted by SHaKaL
If you dont like the thread, you dont have to read it or to post in it and you certainly dont have to insult peoples....
Oh but I do like this makes me chuckle :razz:

As for insulting people, I don't believe I did. If someone wants to post something as silly as not charging their battery for 3 games, then wants to announce it to the entire ASC community...well lets just say I was mearly pointing out and stating the rather obvious..not insulting.
Its actaully not silly depending on your battery, i've gotten 4 games out of some of my bigger Large batts.

Most extreme thing that i can remember...hmmm its not really extreme but i do so remember doing a backflip off a burm at FR during a witnergame, but still holding onto, and keeping the objecteive ( think it was like an ammo box or something).
depending on batteries is for noobs when i run out of juice i simply plugin my crank

ps if anyone actually believed me and wants to know how i modded the aeg they should know that i have yet to purchase one of my own
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