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velocity and energy limits for canada

i was just doing some rough calculations after digging up a physics book from university about 15 years ago. i know that the firearms limits for airguns (airsoft included?) is 500 fps and 5.7 joules of muzzle energy. these were the numbers i came up with:

0.12g @ 715.1 fps = 5.7j
0.20g @ 553.8 fps = 5.7j
0.25g @ 495.4 fps = 5.7j
0.36g @ 412.8 fps = 5.7j
0.43g @ 377.7 fps = 5.7j

if there are some university guys out there that could check my numbers that would be appreciated. just thought i'd spend a little time procrastinating from doing my paperwork.

i just ran the velocity calculator at arnie's airsoft and these were their numbers:

0.12g @ 1014 fps = 5.7j
0.20g @ 785.5 fps = 5.7j
0.25g @ 702.5 fps = 5.7j
0.36g @ 585.5 fps = 5.7j
0.43g @ 535.5 fps = 5.7j

i trust arnie's number over mine as computers are never wrong. i haven't had to do that calculation in years but these computers make things so easy now. interesting how with heavier bb's the limit seems to be reached much more easily.
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