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just so you guys know i DO NOT work for canadian airsoft nor do i have any affiliation with them other than being a loyal customer. i help them out with repair/custom work when i have the time, but he pays for it. back to the subject of utg, you won't see it from anyone in canada for really any less (maybe 20 bucks or something but so what), not to mention it's nearly impossible to get. the u.s. market is eating these things up and there are few left for anyone else. as far as price differences, i guess it all depends on your supplier. when you're the biggest ics dealer in canada you will have the best price on them. but this is off topic. i don't care myself about 20-30 bucks on a $500 purchase because i can by it locally, but i guess maybe we're spoiled because we can fondled 20 different aeg's whenever we want up here. but you can't make everybody happy all the time.
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